General information for company users

Hello All Members
Check out the Support Rules!
1.Technical support works only on the site’s ticket section.Nowhere else
2. When contacting support, fill in all the fields of the ticket correctly, attach a full description of the problem, upload the original file and the file from the program!
3. In case of malfunctions, attach the diagnostic result with valid data
4.The ticket is valid for 24 hours, then the ticket closes automatically
5. Support does not provide assistance in removing DTC by adding DTC function. This function is requested through the program. (The file must be Original, have a full size, the function must be declared by our team) If these actions are not followed, the support ticket will closed! Repeated violations lead to the closure of access for 30 days. Sincerely, the Ecu Company team

Hi, so if the software doesn’t erase a DTC, I don’t have support? And do I have to buy a solution elsewhere?

Hello ecusolutionschile
There is support for each user without additional payment! But the DTC function, in its absence, is requested not through a ticket, but through the program. When saving a file without an active function, the program will notify you and offer to send the file to support! The file must be original, full size and the function for the requested file must be declared! If you do the above, you will be added a function without opening a ticket! Thank you Ecu Company Team

Hello, all software offers free support as long as the license is paid! Here I have done what you indicated several times, but since the software often cannot delete or add the solution, delete the dtc, I have to buy the solution or ask the support of another software that I have! regards

If you have not added solutions for DTC means. Or you sent incomplete ladies, or the file is not original! If the above conditions are met, then check whether the dtc function is declared for the requested control unit! Regards Ecu Company Team

Hello thank you for add DTC for ford truck EDC17v41 and for new update the software v2. 65
I would like to ask do I need to make a check Sum after the modification or that the program does it automatically

Hello Diaa
The checksum is considered a separate action. It is not automatically corrected when saving the file. Thank you Ecu Company Team