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если купить пару пакетов , по истечении срока 1 год , если не проплатил обновки , програма продолжает работать ?

Софт имеет обязательную подписку и по истечению года софт блокируется.Исключение только редактор для ручного чип тюнинга он не блокируется и скачаные проект не блокируются!
С Уважением Ecu Team

Since when is it blocked? a year ago I bought and asked exactly the same question as my friend and you wrote that the program works without interruption without support and updates, total fool

Apparently you have not read completely what you have been told. Our program is paid from the day it was founded! And you were clearly indicated that the updates are paid! Updates are the work of the program. If the updates are over, then the program is blocked! Only the editor remains active if you have activated this package.
Regards Ecu Company Team