It really happened !

It really happened !!!
With the help of ECU Company online support, which really works 24 hours a day! Verified at 100 points, practically impossible jobs such as EDC17CP46 2013 Passat B36 ecu cloning, without immo off !!! Such a case as the Skoda supperb 2012 edc17 drove with the 2008 Tiguan ecu edc17 devoted hardware, Chevrolet cruze 2015 with ADBLUE “factory inside” !! I am not going to be watched and surprised by the people working in the company of professionalism, communication, the most serious attitude to the client’s wishes and the first word !!!

Staff #148 - Andrea R. replied 2019-03-29 09:45:38


" solution from with same donor ECU. " Can you please describe better which was solution used? Immo off or alignment by immo data?

We don’t need any kind of files that prove the working solution, but at least a clarification of what you did.

Andrea R.
Customer care manager

We are glad that you were satisfied. Looking forward to seeing you again!:wink: