Ecucompany engineering E85

hello I want to know is that ecucompany engineering provides the conversion to ethanol e85 thank you

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Hello Salhi
Yes, this function is possible in manual mode through support. In the next updates will be automated into the program. Ecu Company Team

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thank you for answering me. that means that it works in engineering mode with payment of a 20 euro ticket

No. The function is available only for customers using our product
Ecu Company Team

we want an explanation of the method we know that we must have the ecucompany pack but is the simple pack enough to have the ethanol convention or the engineering pack with tokens?

We do not have tokens and standard packages. You must also have purchased an active software module for the vehicle in which you want to change the E85
Ecu Company Team

hello I am interested in software you can provide us with a demo or a video for ecucompany because the software is not known especially in Europe and Africa I would like to know information for the operation of ethanol e85 and all the other functions

Our software is widely known in Europe and America! We have hundreds of users using the program every day. All information is available on our forum and YouTube channel
Ecu Company Team

hi can you tell me how i can place my order for ecu company

Which module would you like to place an order for?
You can write directly
Ecu Team

Salut j’espère que tout l’équipe va bien je vous savoir es que le logiciel peut annuler le système de pollution adbleu dpf scr sur Ford cargo ecotorq edc edc7uc31 et edc17cv41 et merci beaucoup pour votre réponse

Hello ennana
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